Separate from the pack…..definitely
Constantly striving for higher knowledge, more efficient solutions, value driven support tools, and greater strength and agility for our clients is inherent in our culture.

We were not born out of the old school of training and development nor are we restricted by the academic model of black and white thought processes. Instead, we choose to look outside of our industry to imbed innovation, creativity and functional business practices that will yield the best possible results for our clients.

Our business processes are grounded in sound human performance improvement techniques and backed by real world business background, street credibility and a proven acumen for effecting positive, measurable change in people and for organizations.

       Thomas Stone

Our Reach

Being familiar and tied in to the business pulse of the Triangle region is important to us and our customers. We aren't going anywhere.
Intrust enlightened with unprecedented vision and enhanced ability to achieve long-term goals
Time Warner Business Class Results
Energy company increased productivity using existing equipment and no additional personnel.

Since working with Stone Business Professionals, my new sales staff has already equaled 2002’s sales in the first quarter of 2003. In addition, we are engaged in many more sales opportunities while seeing a 50% improvement in close rates.
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